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Why is electrical wiring usually made from copper and not silver?
A. Copper is a better conductor
B. Copper is a better insulator
C. Copper is less expensive
D. Copper is non-magnetic

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Hint:We know a fact that, in terms of industrial use, there is a huge demand for conductors. Even in regular household use, the demand is too high. To meet the demand, we will also have to look for profit after installation.

Complete answer:
Copper, exceeded only by silver, is an extremely conductive metal. This implies that electricity will move through it more quickly, making it suitable for electrical wires. However, unless they use silver, copper's high conductivity properties make for a greater electrical current travel distance. Silver is a stronger conductor, non-magnetic yet costly material compared to copper, so copper is mostly used for electrical wiring.

Hence, the required answer is copper is less expensive, option C.

Additional information:
In a number of uses, copper is used, one of which is electrical wires. It's probably made of copper, whether it is a power cable for a TV, computer, kitchen appliance or building tool. This red-brown metal, with its atomic number \[29\], has become important to our daily lives by helping power countless devices.

Note:Copper is not only conductive; it is ductile as well. In other words, without it breaking or otherwise sustaining damage, you can bend and flex copper to some degree. For many factors, copper is the chosen metal for electrical wires. It's highly conductive electricity; it's cheap; it's ductile; and it's thermal resistant. This makes the standard for the manufacture of electrical wires widely recognized.
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