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Education was transferred to the concurrent list through which of the following constitutional amendments?
(A) 42nd
(B) 24th
(C) 44th
(D) 86th

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Hint: There are a total of three types of lists in the Indian constitution. These lists Union list, State list, and Concurrent list. The Union list has 97 subjects, the State list has 59 subjects and the Concurrent list has 52 subjects. Education was transferred in the constitutional amendment.

Complete answer –
There have been multiple amendments in the Indian constitution. The Union List consists of subjects such as the naval, army, and air force works, central bureau of intelligence and investigation, foreign jurisdiction, extradition, railways, Public debt of union, etc. The state list consists of subjects like public, health, and sanitation, pilgrimage places, fisheries, the court of wards, Gas and Gasworks, taxed on agricultural home, land revenue and building, taxes on animal and boat, tolls and capitation tax, etc. The concurrent list consists of subjects like contempt of court, civil procedure, trust and trustees, Bankruptcy and insolvency, population control and planning, legal, medical and professions, price control, factory, electricity, Newspapers, etc.

so, the correct answer is option D.

Additional information – The 42nd constitutional amendment act was published on 1st September. This amendment is also called a “Mini constitution”. This amendment was enacted during the emergency and the government during this time was headed by Indira Gandhi. The preamble was amended during this amendment act. Three terms socialist, secular, and integrity were also added. The 24th amendment act is related to fundamental rights. The 44th amendment act is related to the removal of the right to property from fundamental rights.

Note – The 86th constitutional amendment act came in the year 2002. Article 21A was inserted in this amendment. This act also provided the Right to education as a fundamental right. Fundamental rights are kept in part three of the Indian constitution.
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