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How were early factories powered and who created the first factory?

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Hint:We will discuss factories of early times and the power used by them.Factory system is a method of manufacturing using machinery and Labour. The high capital cost of machinery and factory buildings have led to it.Industrial Revolution has started it all.

Complete answer:
Let us discuss in detail,the creator.One of the earliest factories was John lombe's water power Silk milk at the way of integrated brass mill was working at warmly near Bristol Richard was created as the brain behind the growth of factories cotton spinner who left England the year before with the secrets of textile machinery factory from memory to produce Tenders of yarn. He expanded the village of cromford to accommodate the migrant workers new to the area.The first factory was established in the United States when Slater came from England and constructed a factory factory to produce yarn. The idea of interchangeable parts was introduced by Eli Whitney.The factory system was a new way of organising labour made necessary by the development of Machines which were too large to house in our class Cottage and to be expensive to be owned by the worker who laboured long and lived under hazardous condition in cities.System is considered a form of production Cooperative labour does not owner significant share of the Enterprise.

Note:Earlier factories were typically privately owned by individuals who employed labour; the factory system was first adopted in Britain at the beginning of industrial revolution to main characteristics of the factory system is the use of machinery.
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