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Dry ice is
A) Ice cube
B) Sodium chloride
C) Liquid nitrogen
D) Solid carbon dioxide

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Hint:Dry ice is that the molecule that animals exhale once we exhale and plants absorb once they do photosynthesis. It is mainly used as a refrigerant for shipping purposes. One can think about the possible chemical molecules and make the correct choice.

Complete step by step answer:
1) The dry ice, dense snow-like solid form of carbon dioxide that has the unusual property, passes directly from solid into vapors (gas) without melting i.e. subliming. It can only exist at \[ - {79^o}C\] and keep this temperature by a sublimation process.
2) The dry ice is better than water ice because it includes lower temperature and does not leave any residue other than frost from moisture in the atmosphere.
3) It is primarily used as a refrigerant during shipping or storage of perishable food items such as processed food, meat, and ice creams; and can be a source for all ice products.
4) Be careful while using dry ice, as it is colder than regular ice and can burn the skin as much as frostbite on prolonged contact. Always wear protective gloves whenever using it. Carbon dioxide gas is heavier than air, and thus, it can pool in basements or other low areas. Always keep vehicle windows open while transporting \[C{O_2}\] gas.
Therefore, Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide which shows option D as the correct choice.

Store dry ice in domestic freezers as there is no risk of asphyxiation. \[C{O_2}\] releases from dry ice displace oxygen in the air, which leads to difficulty in breathing problems, consciousness, and death. Never swallow or inhale dry ice, as it is a form of \[C{O_2}\], which causes serious health problems when produced in large quantities.