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How does the speed of the earth’s rotation compare to the moon’s rotation ?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:In our solar system, planets are revolving around the sun in a particular orbit. Not only revolving, it also rotates. Rotation is the movement of a spherical object in its own axis. Therefore our earth rotates in its own axis and revolves around its orbit. Like earth, the moon is the satellite that revolves around the earth. The rotation depends upon the circumference of the spherical object.

Complete answer:
(i) We experience day and night just because of the rotation by our planet, Earth. The earth takes approximately \[24\] hours to complete one full rotation.
(ii) Because of the moon’s revolution we experience full moon and no moon. The moon takes approximately \[27\] days to complete one revolution around the earth. It rotates once every revolution. This is said to be “synchronous rotation” or tidal locking.
(iii) We were able to see only one side of the moon due to this synchronous rotation.Scientists conclude that the rotation of our planet is due to the collision of larger objects nearly equal to the size of mars, causing our planet to rotate.
(iv) The gravity between the earth and moon causes the moon to revolve around the earth. When the earth rotates slower, the moon gets away from the earth. Long time ago, the moon was formed much closer to the earth.
(v) The rotation speed depends upon circumference of the spherical object. Hence the rotational speed varies from planet to planet.
(vi) The speed of the rotation can be found by a simple velocity formula.
\[v = \dfrac{d}{t}\]
We are able to find the speed by knowing the circumference and the time taken to complete one rotation.

Note:The moon shows only its one side to the earth that is 50%. In lunar libration we can see 59% of the moon. If the moon rotates more, the day and night also happen in the moon and increases the thermal cycling. This rotation makes the earth so comfortable place to live.