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How does a government function in a state?
A. Appointing ministers at various levels.
B. Appointing MLAs at various levels.
C. Appointing leaders at various levels.
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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> A state government is an authority which functions at the state level.
> It is responsible for exercising authority at the state level.
> The power in most of the countries is divided among the central and state government.

Complete answer:
Option A - Appointing ministers at various levels is one of the supreme functions which is to be performed by the State Government. In the Constitution of India each state has a head, i.e. the Governor who is appointed by the President of India. He can serve for a period of two to four years who is responsible for making appointments to the state agencies and ministers at various levels for the smooth functioning of the state. In case of death, resignation or termination he has to perform his duties in appointing a new officer so that the working of the nation does not get disturbed. Governor is regarded as a nominal head who possesses all the functions and powers of a President at the state level but the real power lies in the hands of the Chief Minister. Some of the powers of the State Government are issue of license for marriage, divorce, conduct election, ensure public health, regulate trade and commerce in the state etc. So, it is the correct statement.

Therefore the correct answer is A

> According to Article 159 of the Indian Constitution a Governor is required to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and law of India.
> There are three main powers of a Governor – Executive Powers, Legislative Powers and Discretionary Powers.
> The residence of a Governor is known as Raj Bhavan.