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Do you think that there is any difference between the games and the way they are played by boys and girls?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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There have been many studies on this topic, and there are two key arguments; firstly, that girls and boys are biologically hard-wired to act and play differently in many respects, and secondly, that society observes and forms these differences. This is also regarded as the argument between nature and nurture.

Complete answer:
Boys choose hard toys or tough ones. From the very start, they are very aware of their manliness. Toys such as helicopters, guns, aeroplanes, etc., fulfil their instinct to be boys. Girls, on the other hand, pick certain toys that are soft and can be played with indoors. Their feminist nature does not permit them to play with boys' toys. Yeah, the toys and games played by boys and girls are linked to the positions they have to play as adults.

The point of view maintains that there are major inborn differences between girls and boys, such as the kinds of hormones present and neurological differences.

Although there may be some game differences between boys and girls, they are also similar in basic ways and overlap in their preferences in playing and toy selection.

The girls and boys are not so different, but they are treated differently by society, creating male/female stereotypes from the nursery colour, to the choice of toys and games, to the feelings that are deemed suitable for that gender.

Girls, like boys, are also talented and hard-working. They will play all the games that boys play. Therefore the games for boys and girls should not be any different.