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Do you remember about the first day when you joined the school?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: This is a subjective question that allows you to write your own experience. You need to write a paragraph on your first day of school, it can be narrated with the help of your memory.

Complete answer:
As given in the hint, we need to write about our first day of school.
                                  The first day of school, as I remember it.
I have hazy memories of my primary school days. But I can never forget about the first day of my school life. I was not excited to go to school as I wanted to stay home and play with my parents. I bluntly remember the sound of my mother’s voice; she woke me up and got me all dressed up for the first day of school. I couldn’t understand why my parents were feeling emotional. They clicked pictures and packed my favorite lunch; pizza. As we reached the school, my mother and I entered the classroom and met the other students and parents. As soon as my teacher arrived, all the parents sat at the back of the class. Many students were crying and longing for their parents while many were feeling happy and excited. At first, I was feeling nervous and anxious, but my loving teacher involved me in fun activities and played with me. I started enjoying my day and forgot that my mother had left. Soon, we had a lunch break, in which we all got special meals and juice. I also made new friends and learned a lot. If I can sum up the first day of my school life, I would say it was one of the best days of my life.

If you are unable to remember about your first day of school, you can form a hypothetical story and narrate it. As it is not mentioned in the question, you can write a paragraph, diary, or even an essay.