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Hint - A forest is an area covered with trees, plants and animals. Most animals are living in forests and it is important for us to survive. Forests are also helpful to humans and can be available anywhere in the world.

Complete answer:
1. Tropical Evergreen Forest. These forests are very dense and are found in areas near the equator and are close to the tropics. These areas receive heavy rainfall throughout the year. These forest trees do not shed their leaves completely and hence they remain green all the time. Hardwood trees such as rosewood, ebony and mahogany are found here.
2. Tropical deciduous forest. These forests are found in areas that experience seasonal changes. In the dry season the trees shed the plants to conserve water. Trees like salwood, teak, neem and rosewood are found here. Animals like tiger, lion, elephant, langur and monkey are common in these forests.
3. Temperate evergreen forests. These precursors are commonly found along the eastern margin of the continents. These include both hard and soft trees. For example, oak, cedar, eucalyptus, etc.
4. Temperate deciduous forest. The trees in these forests shed their leaves in the dry 'season'. Oak, ash, beech etc. are common trees here. Deer, foxes, wolves etc. are common animals in these forests.
5. Mediterranean Vegetation. It is mostly found in areas around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa and Asia. Citrus fruits like oranges, figs, olives and grapes are commonly cultivated in the central region.
6. Coniferous Forests. They are also called taiga. They are tall, soft-wood evergreen trees. There are various types of rip, cedar, cedar trees in these forests. Silver, fox, mink, polar bear are the common animals found here.

Note - There are different types of forests, which are classified based on their distance from the equator. And if we understand the importance of forests, we will know that a tireless world can create doom for all life-forms, including humans. In that light, we see some of the major benefits of forests. However, before that, explore different types of forests.

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