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Differentiate between Plantae and Animalia.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plants belongs to the plant kingdom, and this are eukaryotic cells, which have cell walls and are capable to produce the food by their own, whereas animals belong to the kingdom Animalia, this are also eukaryotic cells, but without a cell wall, they depend on other organisms for their food.

Complete answer:
They belongs to plant kingdomThey belong to animal kingdom
They are green colored eukaryotic cellsThey are also eukaryotes, but don’t have green color pigmentation
The cells of this kingdom contain cell wallAnimal cells do not have any cell walls.
Plants don’t have any locomotionAnimals have locomotion and they can move from one place to another.
Plants prepare their own food by the process called photosynthesisAnimals doesn’t have the capability to prepare own food, they depend on plants and other animals for their food
Mostly plants won’t show any alterations in generationsMost of the animals show the alterations.
Plants shows the growth throughout the lifetimeAnimals usually grows up to certain age only
In plant cells, only nucleoid is present, but nuclear membrane is absentIn animal cells, true nucleus along with nuclear membrane is present
Most of the plants contains the single chromosomesMost of the animals contains more than one chromosome
Chloroplast is presentChloroplast is absent
Membrane bound cell organelles are absentMembrane bound cell organelles are present
Centrioles are absent Centrioles are present
The ribosomes are 70s type The ribosomes are 80s type

Note: Cell size also matters, when it comes to plant cells it is approximately in the size of 0.1 to 5micrometer and animal cells are in the size of 5 to 100mm. Apart from General and morphological differences, differences in genetics and reproduction also.