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How is she different from some of the other wildlife photographers she meets?
A. She tries to make her photographs are attractive as possible.
B. She takes photographs which record accurate natural conditions.
C. She likes to photograph planets as well as wildlife.
D. She knows the best places to find wildlife.

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Hint: The given passage describes that the young doctor quickly decided to help the patient by operating the patient. It is also mentioned in the passage that the decision of the young doctor to operate the patient helped to save lives and he performed the operation immediately to save his life.

Complete answer:
We have to select the correct option from the given statements and answer the question with the help of the passage. Option A is by giving him medicine is the incorrect answer as it is not written anywhere in the passage that the doctor gave medicine to the patient.
Option B is by operating upon him immediately which means the young doctor operates the patent immediately.
Option C is by consulting with others is incorrect as the young doctor took advice from two other doctors just to find out if an operation should be performed or not.
Option D is by deciding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without thinking is the incorrect option as before operating the patient, the doctor examined the patient and shows that he was responsible and hence this option is incorrect.

Hence, the correct answer for the above asked question is option B.

By operating upon him immediately as it is mentioned in the passage that the quick decision of the young doctor to operate saved the life of his patent.

Note: Wildlife photographers are the group of people who capture the moments amongst wild animals in forests or sanctuaries. They also capture the journey of the lifetime of wild animals and telecast on science channels. This helps scientists and people to know more about the wild animal.