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What is the difference between thunder storm and thunder shower.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:During the rainy season thunder or lightning is a very common phenomenon. In times of typhoons or cyclones both the lightning and raining takes place. The sound of thunder is heard after the flash of light and this always happens. This is because light travels faster than sound and we are able to see lightning first and after that the sound of thunder is heard. Thunder storms are also called lightning storms.

Complete answer:
The thunderstorm and thundershower are used often interchangeably but technically these two are separate words carrying different meanings. When the clouds produce lightning, it is termed a thunderstorm. The charge builds up in the clouds and when the clouds move against each other the build up gets stronger and as result discharge takes place which results in the lightning. Thunderstorms occur in a type of cloud known as a cumulonimbus.
Thundershower refers to lightning along with the rain. Thunder showers is a quick way of saying thunderstorm with rain showers. Weak thunderstorms are often called thundershowers.

Note:When lightning takes place then there is always a possibility of it striking the ground and that results in loss of life and property. When clouds gets charged up heavily then strong lightning sparks and in such cases earth being a very good conductor gets charged up due to polarization of it due to the charge present in the clouds and when the charge build up is beyond a certain threshold then ionization of air takes place and in that case air acts as a medium and charges moves from clouds to the sky.