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Why did Tilak revive Ganapati and Shivaji festivals?
A. To make people aware about freedom
B. To inspire nationalism in people
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Ganesh Chaturthi was a Gala public celebration under the Maratha ruler Shivaji. Through this festival, Shivaji used to encourage National sentiment among his subjects who were fighting against the Mughals. When the British banned political assemblies the festival was once again revived by the Indian Nationalist leader Tilak also known as Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Today it is one of the most famous festivals celebrated worldwide and particularly popular in Maharashtra.

Complete answer: The Ganpati and Shivaji festivals were first used by Maratha ruler to encourage National sentiment and later when British banned political assemblies the same festivals were used by Bal Gangadhar Tilak to build National spirit among common people and make them aware about their freedom and the oppression of colonials. Thus centuries later the festival became a symbol of the nationalist movement. In 1892 the streets of Pune and Mumbai overfilled with devotees who turned up in huge numbers to celebrate the festival. As the celebration of this festival instilled a feeling of patriotism and nationalism among the people. It was the first time when people saw the helpless Britishers against the people of Mumbai who were gathered in huge numbers.
Therefore, option C is correct.

Note: Therefore it is believed that people had come to the festival to pay their devotion to the god and to the country's freedom. However, these events had a major drawback which contributed to religious tensions because the festival organisers or the Hindus to protect their cow and boycott the Muslim festivals.