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Where did then Rs $1/-$ came from?
I had Rs:$50$

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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Hint: In the table given in the above question, the total spent amount of Rs $50$ is compared with the total remaining balance of Rs $51$. For answering this contradiction, we need to show that the addition of the balances does not make any practical sense. For this, we can use the fact that the difference between the present remaining balance and the previous remaining balance is equal to the present spent amount.

Complete step-by-step answer:
In the given table all the spent amount is shown to be added, and also all the remaining balances are shown to be added. These respectively come to be equal to Rs $50$ and Rs $51$ respectively. This is the confusion in the question of how the total remaining balance comes out to be greater than the total spent amount by Rs $1$.
The answer to this question is that the remaining balances cannot be added to each other. Instead, the next remaining balance is subtracted from the previous remaining balance to get the present spent amount. For example, the first remaining balance of Rs $50$ and the second remaining balance of Rs $15$ are to be subtracted to get the second spent amount of Rs $15$. They are not added together. So the total remaining balance does not make any practical sense.
Hence, we conclude that the comparison of the total remaining balance with the total spent amount in the given question is wrong.

Note: We can generate infinite values of the total remaining balance for different orders of the spend amounts. For example, if we have an initial amount of Rs $100$, and let’s say we spend Rs $1$ to get the remaining balance of Rs $99$. Then, let’s say we spend Rs $1$ from the remaining to get the balance of $99-1=98$. So the sum of the total balance in the case comes out to be $99+98=197$, which is another proof of the fact that the addition of the balances does not make sense.

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