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How did the British react to the Indian Style of dressing? How did Indians rate British attitudes?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The British while interpreting it misunderstood the Indian style of dressing. Sometimes, they used to mock it. The Indians took it as an insult to their culture and wore it more confidently and firmly even with formal western clothes.

Complete answer:
When the British came to India, they were not aware of the Indian style of dressing. They reacted to it interpreting it according to their own way. For example, they called the ‘Turban wearers’ as the ‘Hat wearers.’ However, in reality, both terms had different meanings. The turban in Indian culture was for not only protecting one's head but it was a sign of respect and it could not be removed at one’s wish unlike the case of hat that was removed during paying respect to the upper authorities or majesties by the British. In the 19th century, the British were observing the Indian way of dressing. Some British even wore Indian clothes while appearing before the king’s court. However, later they were forbidden to Indian clothes at the official functions of the company. However, some educated Indians adopted the western style of dressing with time; some remained to wear their own traditional outfits even after so much westernization in India. They argued it as the sign of their identities and belongings.

Note: Mysore Turban, also called Peta, was made a dress code for Mysore court in the mid-19th century. Even today, these turbans are worn by the regional people and used to pay respect to the guests by making them wear the turbans on different occasions.