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Why did Humayun get defeated in the battle of Kannauj?
A.The Army of Sher Shah was strong.
B.The Army of Humayun revolted against him.
C.Humayun adopted the wrong technique of war.
D.Gunpowder became unusable due to heavy rain.

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Hint: Kannauj is amongst the extensively affluent archaeological and artistic inheritance. The ancient caption of this area is Kanyakubja or Mahodya. Nonetheless, the "honour of Imperial Kannauj" stopped with triumphs of the Delhi Sultanate.
Kannauj, popular for refining scents, is assumed as India’s capital.

Complete answer:
Around 1527, Kannauj became a reliance of the revolutionaries who created themselves at the head of Muslims and Rajputs. Humayun’s prolonged pursuit in the north provided the ambitious Sher Shah Suri with a free hand to litigate his plans in the east.
In July 1537, he authorized the administration of Kannauj to his Brother-In-Law Nur-ud-din Mohammad. Sher Shah Suri directly cut off Humayun’s messages with Delhi.
On May 17th, 1540, the Battle of Kannauj occurred in Uttar Pradesh, India. The battle was between Humayun, who was the Mughal Monarch, and Afghan Sher Shah Suri. Humayun got conquered in the combat of Kannauj because the gunpowder became unusable due to heavy rain. Humayun furthermore escaped from the battlefield and from that day, for the following 15 years he resided like a crusader.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note:It seems that instantly after the capture of Kannauj, Sher Shah demolished the old city. He created a refuge of burnt brick there. In 1555, the Afghans were overthrown and the strength of the Mughals was once again ascertained by Humayun, who returned India after 12 years but he expired soon in January 1556 and he was ousted by his son Akbar. Kannauj was the headquarter of a Sirkar comprising 30 Mahals.