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What did Dietrich Brandis do after being the Inspector General of Forests in India?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Sir Dietric Brandis was a German-British Botanist. He was an administrator and served in the Imperial Forestry Service in colonial India.

Complete answer: Dietrich Brandis served under the Imperial Forestry Service in India for 30 years. He worked as the Inspector General of Forests in India from 1864-1883. During retirement he fully focused on scholarly works and academics. His hard work produced the famous book ‘Indian Trees’ written in 1906. During his office as the Inspector General of Forests in India, he established various institutes for the purpose of research and learning. The Imperial Forest School which is located in Dehradun is established by him. He was knitted in 1887.
In Rajputana Brandis recorded the names of the sacred groves, in Mysore,Garo and Khasi he recorded the woodlands known as ‘kans’ and many others in India. He took the initiative to link the protection of the forests to the people. His interest also lied in the flora and fauna of central and northwestern India and other trees of India.

Note: Dietrich Brandis continued to work towards Indian forestry even after his retirement. He wrote the famous book “Indian Trees’. This book talks about 4400 species of trees. After retirement he trained for eight years in the Royal Indian Engineering College. His interests led him to involve himself in taking special care of the American foresters who were visiting Europe. President Theodore Roosevelt sent him a personal letter of appreciation and thanks.