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Develop a dialogue between you and your mother on the celebration of the Republic Day in your school.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: The format of dialogue writing is as follows:
- Introduction
- Alternate dialogues

Complete answer:
Dialogue writing is more flexible than letter writing, as there is more space to experiment. Let’s write the dialogue for the above question-

Your mother and you start to have a conversation about what you are both doing on the coming Sunday.

You: I was wondering what you were doing this Sunday, as it’s Republic Day. There is a celebration at my school. I wanted you to accompany me to it.
Mother: Of course dear, what time is it?
You: It starts at 11 a.m. and I suspect it will go on until lunch. Do you have something else you need to do that day?
Mother: No, I was making sure that we don’t have to carry our own lunch. What else is planned by your school? It must be very interesting if the parents are also invited.
You: Yes, they are planning a mini-parade in the school garden. I am part of the band that is going to play in the parade. Then, there will likely be some speeches, some teachers will also say something. Then, there will be academic debates. Some light-hearted performances and finally, the flag hoisting and lunch.
Mother: I am looking forward to this now, seems like it is going to be a lot of fun. What is the dress code? I suspect this is a formal event.
You: Yes, there is an Indian formal dress code for the event.
Mother: You better start preparing for your performance then!
You: We have been practicing for a few months now! I am so excited about the event!
Mother: I am very excited about this event too! We will definitely have fun!

It is important to follow the format given above. Add creativity into the dialogues. Make sure to stick to the given subject and add your own facts/points.