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Describe an experiment to prove that water is transparent.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The answer to this question includes the basic concept of chemistry that includes anything immersed in it and that proves that the object placed can be seen from top or in any direction.

Complete Solution :
The very basic chemistry in the lower classes deals with the base of the transparency of water which we are familiar with.
- In our daily lives, water plays an important role in the living creatures which is the base for survival and is also known as the universal solvent.
- To prove that water is transparent, we can make it in several ways like for instance if you take a glass cup and hold the cup in your hands, we can see the fingers placed on the opposite side of the glass cup even if water is present in between them.
This can prove easily that water is transparent.
- Now, to explain it in a detailed way, let us consider a glass bowl or simply a beaker as per chemistry experiment in which the water is filled to the half or little more than that.
Now, drop a small ball or any object inside it and wait for several minutes. The figure is as shown below:
seo images

- Now, observe the object from the top and the object can easily be seen even in the presence of liquid that is water.
Thus, it is proved that water is transparent.

Note: The important point to note here is that this type of question explanation with diagrams will make you prove the simple and very basic topics and therefore include some of the simple diagrams wherever necessary.