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"Dense and efficient network of transport is a prerequisite for local and national development." Analyse the statement.

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Transport is a system by which goods and passengers are carried from one place to another. It contributes to a country's socio-economic progress.

Complete Answer: Transport system has facilitated the movement of goods and services from the areas of production to the areas of consumption. It helps in the mobility of labour from one place to another.
- Transport helps in the assemblage of raw materials and distribution of finished goods, thus contributing to the development of industries. It promotes local as well as national trade as no state is self-sufficient in everything. It helps maintain the harmony of the country. - Transport and communication contributes to the promotion of tourism thus contributing value addition to our economy.
- It promotes not only local or national integration but also international understanding. They have contributed to the exchange of information, ideas and technology, thus providing better amenities and facilities to enjoy a better standard of living.
- Railways, airways, waterways, newspaper, radio, television etc have been contributing to its socio-economic progress in many ways. For transporting crude oil and natural gas to refineries and factories, pipelines are used.

Thus, a dense and efficient network of transport and communication is a precondition for the economic development of every country. The greater the accessibility, the faster is the economic development and vice versa.

Note: Today, India is well-linked with not only the rest of its states but also with the rest of the world despite its vast size, diversity and linguistic and socio-cultural plurality.