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Define resource planning

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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 Resource planning is called the strategy for prearranged and cautious utilisation of resources. It is important for the very existence of all living beings. It is actually the judicious use of resources. In a country like India, resource planning turn of vital importance as resources are not distributed properly here. Several states of India are rich in one or other minerals but deficient in other resources. For e.g., Jharkhand is rich in minerals, yet it has drinking water problems and other facilities, Arunachal Pradesh has plenty of water but lacks infrastructure which shows mere availability of resources in the absence of technology and institutions hinders development. The state of Rajasthan has vast potential for the development of solar and wind energy but is deficient in water resources. The cold desert of Leh and Ladakh has rich cultural heritage but is deficient in water and some strategic minerals.

With proper planning and cautious use of resources, we can overcome these types of discriminations. It can be reduced or completely vanished. Resource planning is needed at the global, national, provincial, state and local levels for the balanced development of the world. It is delighted to know that resource planning in India is one of the most important goals right from its very first Five Years Plan. Following are the main points of Resource planning.

• Making of inventory of resources after their region-wise identification across the country.

• Making of the planning structure with appropriate technology, skill and institutions.

• Matching of resource plan with proper plan of action and development.