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Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Here we have to define a term raw data. Here data is defined as a collection of information or facts such as numbers, observations and descriptions of data. We will first explain the meaning of raw data and we will take examples to explain the term.

Complete step by step solution:
Raw data is defined as a data that is not in form to be used or not yet processed. The end product of data processing is known as information. Raw data is also called original data or primary data. It has a tendency to become information but it needs some formatting. It is used for data analysis but it is not in a proper format to be used for data entry.
Let’s take the example of the data now.
The marks obtained by 5 students out of 100 are as follows:-
55, 66, 22, 69, 98
The data which have shown here is called raw data.
The most common format of raw data is CSV data file. There are many other formats like POS file. Raw data is further processed to be used with a proper format. Most data analysis and most machine learning uses data in the format of raw data.

Raw data is a set of information that has been received from a certain data entity but it is not in a proper form to be used further. It is gathered out of the online sources and thus it is used to create personalized online campaigns etc.