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Define evaporation. Explain any two factors affecting its rate.

Last updated date: 13th Apr 2024
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Hint: The word evapor means anything which disperse in vapor or steam form and by evaporation rate we mean the rate at which any substance will change its state from liquid to vapour phase and now explain by giving two factors of it.

Complete answer:
By evaporation we simply mean, it is the process by which a substance changes its state from liquid phase to its vapour phase and evaporates in the atmosphere.
Now discussing its factors affecting its rate, we should know first what evaporation rate is. As mentioned above, it is that rate at which a substance completely changes its state from liquid to gaseous state.

Now, there are two mains factors that affects its rate mainly:
Temperature of the liquid: - greater is the temperature, more easily and quickly the liquid will get evaporated and greater the evaporation rate and vice-versa. E.g. the hot water in the cup evaporates more easily and quickly than the cold water because cold water will take some time to reach the temperature of hot water.
Surface area of the liquid: - more the surface area of the liquid more is the evaporation and hence faster is its rate and vice- versa. E.g. The rate of evaporation is more when the water is evaporated from the bowl than the glass because the surface area of the bowl more than the glass and evaporation takes more easily than from the glass.

Note: Don’t get confused in the definitions of evaporation and evaporation rate, evaporation is simply the process involving the conversion of liquid to gaseous state and on the other hand, evaporation rate is that rate at which the substance is fully converted into its vapour state.

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