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Curved indentation of the sea or a lake into the land, with a wide opening, is called____
(A) Gulf
(B) Bay
(C) Strait
(D) Lagoon

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Hint: At the point when a stretch of coastline is shaped from various sorts of rock, headlands and topographical features can be formed. Groups of squidgy stone, for example, mud and sand are more vulnerable consequently they can be disintegrated rapidly. This cycle structure forms a unique topographical feature. A cove is a gulf of the ocean where the land bends inwards, typically with a seashore.

Complete answer: A bay is a recessed, waterfront/waterway body that straightforwardly associates with a bigger fundamental waterway, for example, a sea, a lake, or another bay. A huge inlet is normally called a bay, ocean, sound, or bright. A bay is a sort of more modest cove with a roundabout bay and thin passage. A fjord is an especially steep inlet formed by frosty movement.
A bay can be the estuary of a stream, for example, the Chesapeake Bay, an estuary of the Susquehanna River. Bays may likewise be settled inside one another; for instance, James Bay is an arm of Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada. Some huge bayous, for example, the Bay of Bengal and Hudson Bay, have different marine geography.
On the other hand, A gulf is an enormous inlet from the sea into the landmass, commonly with a smaller opening than a bay; however, this isn't recognizable in all geographic regions so named. Despite the fact that a strait is a restricted section of water associating two oceans or two other huge territories of water. Furthermore, A lagoon is a water body isolated from a bigger water body by a characteristic boundary. lagoons are isolated from bigger waterways by shoals, obstruction reefs, coral reefs, or other common boundaries.
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) characterizes a bay as an all-around checked space whose entrance is to such extent to the width of its mouth as to contain land-bolted waters and establish in excess of a simple arch of the coast. Space will not, in any case, be viewed as a straight except if its region is as extensive as, or bigger than, that of the semi-circle whose breadth is a line drawn across the mouth of that space.

Option B is correct answer

Note: The land encompassing a bay frequently lessens the strength of winds and becomes a barrier for waves. bays may have as wide an assortment of shoreline qualities as different shorelines. Sometimes, bayous have seashores, which "are typically portrayed by a lofty upper foreshore with a wide, level fronting terrace". Bays were critical throughout the entire existence of human settlement since they gave safe spots to fishing. Later they were significant in the improvement of ocean exchange as the protected dock they gave supported their choice as ports.