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Corrosion is basically a:
 a. Altered reaction in presence of \[{H_2}O\]
b. Electrochemical phenomenon
c. Interaction
d. Union between two light metal and a heavy metal

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Hint: Corrosion is when a refined metal is naturally converted to a more stable form such as its oxide, hydroxide or sulphide state this leads to deterioration of the material. It can also be considered as eating metals by air.

Complete answer:
Water must be present to serve as a medium for the transport of ions in electrochemical phenomena. Electrochemical phenomenon of corrosion of any metal occurs when electrons from the surface of the metal are transferred to a suitable electron acceptor or depolarizer.
The most common depolarizers are oxygen, cations of less active metals and acids.
Because the electrons flow through the metallic objects itself, the anodic and cathodic regions can be at widely separated locations.
The anodic regions tend to develop at locations where the metal is stressed or is protected from oxygen.
Corrosion of steel can be inhibited by galvanizing, that is, by coating it with zinc, a more active metal whose dissolution leaves a negative charge on the metal which inhibits the further dissolution.
From the above discussion we can conclude that the correct answer is b.

The huge quantities of energy that were consumed in mining, refining and manufacturing metals into useful objects is dissipated by a variety of different routes. Corrosion can be viewed as the spontaneous return of metals to their ores.
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