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Convert $2\dfrac{1}{{12}}\% $ into fraction.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: To answer this question, we first need to understand about the percentage term i.e., for converting a term into percentage multiply that by hundred.

Complete answer:
Steps for conversion of mixed fraction to improper fraction.
1. Multiply the whole number by the denominator
2. Add the answer from Step 1 to the numerator
3. Write answer from Step 2 over the denominator

First convert this mixed fraction to normal one i.e., here numerator must be equal to ($(12 \times 2) + 1$)
Which comes up to 25 so the final percentage is $\dfrac{{25}}{{12}}\% $
So now to convert it into fraction divide it by 100 as given in the hint also
Therefore $\dfrac{{25}}{{12 \times 100}}$,
Which comes up to $\dfrac{1}{{48}}$.
So, the final answer is $\dfrac{1}{{48}}$.

Note: A mixed fraction is a fraction that has both a quotient and a remainder. $2\dfrac{1}{3}$, for instance, is a mixed fraction in which 2 is the quotient and 1 is the remainder. As a result, a mixed fraction is made up of a whole number and a proper fraction.