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How do you convert $1.73$ into a fraction and present?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Here in the above given numerical we have to convert into fraction mode that is we can write is as $\text{fraction}=\dfrac{\text{numerator}}{\text{Denominator}}$ while where we are considering the parentage we can write it as follow $\text{Percentage}=\dfrac{\text{numerator}}{\text{Denominator}}$ into $100$we get percentage.

Complete step by step solution:
As we now that in the given question we here have to convert the number in the form of factor and then in percentage.
First in the above numerical we are going to convert it in the form of fraction.
Thus we are converting $1.73$ is in decimal.
If we are writing it in fraction form write it as $\text{Fraction}=\dfrac{\text{Numerator}}{\text{Denominator}}$, we are writing it as.
$173\div 100.$
That is in fraction form as $\dfrac{173}{100}$
Hence we had written it as $\dfrac{73}{100}$ as a fraction.
Secondary in the question making percentage of $1.73$ i.e. $\dfrac{173}{100}$ Here we have to convert into percentage.
$\dfrac{173}{100}\times 100=173%$
So, we get the value as $173%$

Hence when converted $1.73$ in fractions $\dfrac{173}{100}$ and percentages as $173%$

Additional Information:
As we know that we can say that the decimal number is called that fraction with the whole number which is divided by decimal point.
Thus we know that percentage is actually a fraction multiply by $100$we get,
Thus we are also taking a general solution of decimal and percentage we get.
Example; $\dfrac{1}{6}$
First we are converting it into decimal; we have one divided by six we get.
$1\div 6=0.1666$
Thus when we are taking a percentage of $\dfrac{1}{6}$ means fraction into hundred. We get \[\dfrac{1}{6}\times 100=16.66%\]
Hence we get the value of percentage of $16.66%$

Note: When we are going to take decimal we have to preciouses while dividing and knowing the recurring value if it is greater than five we can round figure by increasing the front value.
Thus when we are making percentage we should have proper fraction i.e. multiply by $100.$