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Complete using the most appropriate option:
If you say something with additional emphasis, you __________.
a) assure
b) declare
c) proclaim
d) affirm

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Hint: The given question is about vocabulary. The meaning of the word is given in the sentence. The option you shall select should mean "saying something with additional emphasis".

Complete answer:
> The correct answer is option (d). To affirm something means to say something again to confirm your previous statement. She affirmed that she was not going to the party because of the amount of work she had to complete.
> Option (a) is incorrect because to assure means to tell someone something to remove their doubts about something. The teacher assured that the students won't have chapter 5 for the test. So the students had a doubt whether chapter 5 will come on the test or not and the teacher assured them that it would not- so he removed their doubt.
> Option (b) is wrong because to declare means to announce something and it is expected that it is the final word and nobody has any say in it. The Government declared Friday to be a holiday. So everyone has to take Friday as a holiday.
> Option (c) is wrong because to proclaim means to announce something in an official capacity. A proclamation is an official announcement. The survey agents proclaimed that the drainage of the village shall be set up in the next two years.
Hence option (d) is correct.

Students may get confused between options a and d. Note that assure means to remove doubts while to affirm means to confirm something. Confirmation means adding emphasis to repeat what has been said. When such confusion arises, find out what is the difference between the two words and use it in a sentence of your own.