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Complete using the most appropriate option:
Necessity is the ________.
a) Father of earning
b) Brother of imagination
c) Sister of crime
d) Mother of invention

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Hint: Proverbs are short sentences which impart some life lesson or moral saying. Example: As you sow, so shall you reap. It means you will get the result of what you do. If you work hard now, you will be successful in life. If you laze around and be lazy, you won't be successful. The given proverb is a very common and important proverb. Try to connect the word necessity with the given options.

Complete answer:
The correct answer is option d. Necessity is the mother of invention is a popular proverb which means that when you need something very urgently, you are compelled to find out ways to get it or solve it. The focus is on the need for the thing.
Example: He finally figured out the formula for the equation since he was supposed to submit his thesis the next day. As they rightly say, necessity is the mother of invention.
Option a is wrong because no such proverb exists. On using the option, the proverb does not even make sense.
Option b is wrong because such a proverb does not exist in the English language.
Option c is wrong because the necessity is the sister of crime does not make sense. It has a negative connotation.
Hence option (d) is correct.


 For proverbs, it is important that you know the proverb. Because with proverbs, you cannot guess it if you don't know it. Either you know the proverb or you don't know it. Using logic to complete a proverb is not always successful.