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Complete using the most appropriate option:
A watched pot never __________.
a) burns
b) heats
c) boils
d) warms

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: A proverb is a short sentence that imparts a moral message or some standard truth. The given proverb talks about a pot that is being watched. Use your common sense to figure out what happens to something inside a pot.

Complete answer:
Option a- It is wrong because a pot or the contents of a pot never "burns". Burning is usually referred to as something which is solid like wood or some solid food. But something inside a pot has to be liquid. We don't associate a liquid to "burning".
Option b- It is incorrect because a pot will heat no matter what.
Option c- It is the correct answer because the liquid inside a pot is prone to boiling. Such a proverb also exists: A watched pot never boils. It means that when you're waiting for something to happen, it seems like it takes forever to happen. For example, suppose you order something interesting online, something you really want. So you will wait for that thing to arrive as soon as possible. Because you are waiting for it, you will feel that it is taking forever to come.
Option d- It is a wrong answer because warming is a quick process. So every pot or its contents shall get warmed easily.

It is to be noted that proverbs cannot be guessed except in rare cases. That is because proverbs sometimes do not have their literal meaning but have a meaning which is to be understood through metaphors. Thus, to answer questions related to proverbs, you need to know the proverb.