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Complete the following proverb-
First deserves then _______.
a) Snatch
b) Rob
c) Desire
d) Give

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Hint: Read the given sentence carefully. Try to make out the core meaning of it. Find out the subject, predicate, and object of the given sentence.

Complete answer:
 The complete proverb is “first deserves then desire”. It means that – In life, everyone has some kind of aim. Wanting to have something, may it be wealth, fame, or glory, they desire it. But desiring it is not enough. One must follow their aim in order to obtain it.
Now, let us examine all the given options to find out the correct answer-
Option ‘a’ is Snatch. It is a verb which means to quickly seize (something) in a rude way or eager way. It cannot be the correct answer as it won’t fit in the given proverb.
Option ‘b' is Rob. It is a verb which means to take property unlawfully from by force or threat of force. It will also not fit in the given blank.
Option ‘c’ is Desire. It is a noun that means a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. It will fit in correctly in the given blank.
Option ‘d’ is Give. It is a verb which means – freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone). It cannot be the correct option. Hence, option ‘c’ is the correct answer.

First, deserve then desire is a well-known English saying which shows how the way to glory and success can be paved by having certain abilities and capabilities. It is a fact that a man can’t get what he wants just by day-dreaming and building castles in the air.