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When compared to other kinds of energy providing fuels like petrol or wood, electricity is better because it:
A. causes minimum pollution.
B. is renewable
C. is cheaper
D. all of the above.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question we have been asked that why is electricity when used as energy providing fuels is better than petrol or wood. We have been given some statements as an option and asked to choose the correct statement. Therefore, we shall discuss each statement and see if it is fit for the condition or not.

Complete answer:
In the first statement it is given that electric energy causes minimum pollution. Now, we know that when other fuels such as petrol and wood are burnt, they leave behind a trail of gases such as hydrocarbons or carbon-di-oxide. But when electricity is used as a fuel there is no trace of smoke. Therefore, the first statement is true.
Now the second statement says that electric energy is renewable. We all know this statement to be true. As there are many ways of generating electricity such as hydro-power plants, etc. Therefore, the electricity is renewable unlike the other fuels such as petrol and wood.
Again, the third statement says that electric energy is cheaper. Compared to petrol and wood electric energy is cheaper.
We can now see all the statements are true.

So, the correct answer is “Option D”.

The resources that can be replenished after their depletion due to consumer consumption is called renewable energy. It mainly includes biomass. The wood smoke contains fine particles, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxide, etc. Wood is easily available in nature, however, the cutting of trees leads to deforestation. Therefore, wood is not considered a renewable resource.