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Choose the word/phrase which is opposite in meaning to the italicized word/phrase in the sentence-
In ancient days, a fragile glass jar was considered to be more valuable than a human slave.
a) Broad
b) Tall
c) Strong
d) Heavy

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Hint: The dictionary meaning of the given word ‘fragile' is ‘easily broken or damaged'. For example: Remove the fragile items, such as the glasses, from the table.

Complete answer:
 ‘Fragile' is an adjective. To be fragile is to be easily broken, damaged, or shattered; delicate; brittle; frail. For example A fragile ceramic container. A very fragile alliance. She has a fragile beauty. Here, we have to find out the opposite in meaning to the given word ‘fragile'.
Now, let us examine all the given options to find out the correct answer :
Option ‘a’ is Broad. It is an adjective which means having a distance larger than usual from side to side; wide. For example A broad staircase.
Option ‘b’ is Tall. It is an adjective that means of great and more than average height, especially relative to the width. For example A tall man.
Option ‘c’ is Strong. It is an adjective which means having the power to move heavy weights or to do other physically demanding tasks. For example, He is stronger than he seems.
Option ‘d’ is Heavy. It is an adjective which means of great weight, difficult to lift or move. For example, He is not just fat but also heavy.
As we have analyzed all the given options, we can easily figure out the correct answer. Here, the opposite of the given word ‘fragile’ is ‘strong’. Hence, option ‘c’ is the correct option.

 All the other options are plausible distractions. Don’t confuse between ‘heavy’ and ‘strong’. Someone who is heavy may not be strong.