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Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of
a- Defame
b- Perform
c- Commend
d- Communicate

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Hint: A synonym refers to a word that is closest in meaning to another word. For example, the search is a synonym for hunt. ‘Vilify’ refers to disparaging or speaking ill of someone.

Complete answer:
The word, ‘vilify’ has been derived from the Latin word- Vilis, which means of value.
We know the meaning and the origin of the word, ‘vilify’. Now, let’s look at its usage:
For example- The minister was vilified in the meeting. Here, we can understand that a minister, X, was defamed or disparaged in the meeting.
Let’s examine the meaning of the given options-
Option a- ‘Defame’ refers to maligning or giving someone a bad name. Example- The media defamed the actor’s family. ‘Defame’ is similar in meaning to ‘vilify’. Hence, it is the correct option.
Option b- ‘Perform’ refers to execute or carry out a task or an action. Example- She performed on the stage last night. ‘Perform’ is different in meaning to ‘vilify’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option c- ‘Commend’ refers to praising or complimenting someone or something. For example- The people commended his virtuous actions. ‘Commend’ is the opposite in meaning to ‘vilify’. Hence, it is an incorrect option.
Option d- ‘Communicate’ refers to conveying or transmitting a message. Example- The officer communicated the information to the deputy commissioner. ‘Communicate’ is different in meaning to ‘vilify’.
So, the correct answer is “Option a”.

 Some other synonyms of ‘vilify’ are; disparage, denigrate, revile, etc. While some antonyms of ‘vilify’ are; commend, lionize, etc.