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Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the given word:
a) Frustrate
b) Fail
c) Commence
d) Defeat

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word ‘culminate’ is a verb used to describe a point of highest development/degree or the point of climax. So, in a way, culminate means the end of an event.

Complete answer:
 Let us look at the words given to us in the options and select the one which means opposite to ‘culminate’. Option a ‘frustrate’ means to annoy someone or irritate someone by hindering the progress or process of their work, or completion of their work. As mentioned above in the hint, the word culminate refers to the point of highest development or climax, and therefore, refers to the end of something. Therefore, the meaning of ‘frustrate’ is neither similar nor opposite to the meaning of ‘culminate’. Thus, option ‘a’ is incorrect.
Option b ‘Fail’ is a verb that means to be unsuccessful in one’s effort to do something. It is also used as a noun where it refers to a grade that is not enough to pass an examination. This is not related to the meaning of the word ‘culminate’. Thus, option ‘b’ is incorrect too.
Option c ‘commence’ is a verb which means to begin, to start or initiate something. For example, “Your exams will commence from next Monday.” This is the opposite of the word ‘culminate’ which means the end of something (the point of highest development). Therefore, the option ‘c’ is the correct answer.
Option d ‘defeat’ is a verb which means to win a victory over someone in a battle, game, contest, etc., or to overcome someone or something. This is not the opposite of the meaning of the word given to us. Thus, Option‘d’ is incorrect too.

 The words ‘defeat’, ‘failure’, and ‘defeat’ are all the result of something, so none of these three words can be opposite to the meaning of the word ‘culminate’.