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Choose the word that can be substituted for the italicized words in the sentence:
The most common local means of transport in British times was a two wheeled cab for two to ride inside with the driver mounted up behind.
a) Carriage
b) Wagon
c) Locomotive
d) hansom

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Hint: In such questions, if in case we are not able to recall the correct answer to the question, we begin with defining each option, one by one and framing a sentence by each one of them.

Complete answer:
 Going by the hint given to us, we shall begin by decoding each of the four options given to us and then use them in an appropriate sentence one by one, and then we shall arrive at the correct answer.

Option ‘a’, carriage is defined as ‘a four-wheeled passenger vehicle pulled by two or more horses.’ It is a noun and is used in a sentence like ‘Cinderella sat in her carriage gracefully.’

Option b, wagon, is a noun and means ‘a vehicle used for transporting goods or another specified purpose’. An example of its usage is: ‘The wagon owned by Thomas rushed through the jungle.’

Locomotive, option c, means ‘a powered railway vehicle used for pulling trains.’ ‘The locomotive moves because its wheels go round. Is an example of a sentence with this word.

And lastly, Hansom, option d, means ‘a two-wheeled horse-drawn cab accommodating two inside, with the driver seated behind.’ It is used in a sentence like ‘ The hansom came slowly down the other side of the street.’

With the above analysis, we can clearly deduce that option d is the correct answer, and the rest of the three options are incorrect.

In case you can not recollect the definition of any particular alternative, you may move ahead with the step by step elimination process of the options.