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Choose the word/ phrase which is opposite in meaning to the italicized bold word/ phrase in the sentence.
He has suspended his secretary on a flimsy ground.
a) Vigorous
b) Weak
c) Sound
d) Salutary

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Hint: The word ‘flimsy’ means something is insubstantial and easily damageable or damaged. Now, the opposite of flimsy in this phrase would be something that defines something that is not damaged.

Complete answer: An opposite of a word means the antonym for the word. Since the word is from a phrase we have to find a word that suits the context of the phrase (i.e. provides meaning to the phrase).
So, to find an antonym let us discuss the options and understand their meaning and usage.
Now, the options are –
a) Vigorous – vigorous means strong, healthy, or full of energy. For example, he is a tall, vigorous, and muscular man.
b) Weak – weak means lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks. For example, she is weak at the moment.
c) Sound – other than the meaning referred to as vibrations heard by the ear, the sound is also used to describe something that is in good condition or is not damaged. For example, the old furniture was in sound condition.
d) Salutary – salutary defines something that is beneficial or has good effects. For example, he failed to draw salutary lessons out of his loss.
So, as we can see that the most appropriate opposite meaning word in the given options is an option (c), i.e. sound. Therefore, (c) is the correct answer.

 Vigorous and weak are antonyms for each other and have no relation to the word ‘flimsy’. Using such reasoning try and use the elimination method to get the correct solution.