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Choose the word/ phrase which explains the meaning of the underlined word.
Did you get what the teacher was saying?
a) Know
b) Receive
c) Recognize
d) Understand

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word ‘get’ means – succeed in attaining, receiving, or achieving something or to obtain something or to understand something (different meanings in a different context). Now, from the given option find the word that has a similar meaning or expresses the same meaning to ‘get’.

Complete answer:
One has to understand the meaning of the word 'get' changes with the context of the sentence.
Here, the teacher is saying, telling, or explaining something, and the speaker (of the sentence) is asking if others could comprehend/ understand what the teacher was saying. '
So, the word ‘get' is used in an informal way here. So, the best option is the word 'understand' because it means 'to perceive the meaning of or comprehend something', which is the same as the meaning of 'get' in the sentence.
Hence, by the above explanation we can conclude that option (d), i.e. understand is the correct solution.
Now, the other options –
a) Know – to be aware of or have knowledge of or about something, it does not mean the same as 'get' in the above context or sentence.
b) Receive – means to acquire something, like a gift, a title, or any information. The context of this sentence does not mean that the teacher is giving something that is to be acquired.
c) Recognize – means to be able to identify something that you have previously seen or known. This too does not match the above context.
So, by the above explanation, you can understand why option (d) is the correct answer.

 Be aware of the context in which the word is being used. If you go with the literal meaning and ignore the contextual meaning of the word here in the above question then you will not be able to get the correct solution.