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Choose the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the given keyword:
a) Vague
b) Manageable
c) Stupid
d) Stubborn

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word ‘docile’ means someone who is submissive, easy to control or accepts instructions, etc. here, you have to find a synonym for docile.

Complete answer:
Before finding the correct solution let us understand what docile means – docile means someone who can be obedient, dutiful or accept instructions and be easy to control, etc.
Now, let us look into the meaning of the options that we have to see which would be the most suitable synonym (nearest meaning word) for docile.
a) Vague – means something that is not clearly expressed is uncertain or unclear. For example, he gave a very vague explanation for being late.
b) Manageable – means easy to be dealt with, which can be controlled. For example the situation is still manageable.
c) Stupid – means silly, or showing/ having a lack of intelligence or common sense. For example she was stupid enough to go out in the rain.
d) Stubborn – means someone who is headstrong and does not want to change his attitude, idea, or decision for any reason or someone who is relentless. For example: he is stubborn regarding his ideologies.
So, by the above explanation, you can see that the word manageable shares a somewhat similar meaning to docile. Therefore, the correct answer would be an option (b).

If you are familiar with the meanings of the words you can easily use the elimination method to remove the words that have no relation to docile.