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Choose the word opposite in meaning tom the given word.
a) Examine
b) Open
c) Disinter
d) Dig

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Hint: The word ‘bury’ means to cover something complete to make it disappear or to hide something underground. For example, “She buried the container in the backyard.”

Complete answer:
Let us decipher the meaning of the words given to us and find the one which means opposite to the word ‘bury’. Option a ‘Examine’ means to investigate someone or something thoroughly or to inspect in detail. For example, “The school was inspected by the guest visitor from the education department today.” This is not related to the meaning of the word ‘bury’. Thus, option ‘a’ is incorrect.
Option b ‘open’ means to access or passage through empty space, or without any barrier or blockage. For example, “The window was open since morning.” This is not the opposite of the word ‘Bury’. Thus, option ‘b’ is incorrect.
Option c ‘Disinter’ means to find something that can’t be seen or to dig up a dead body from the ground, grave, or tomb. This is somewhat close to being the opposite of the word ‘bury’.
Option d ‘dig’ means to loosen the earth or break it to pull something out or bring something to the surface. This is also the opposite of the word bury. Thus, both option ‘c’ and ‘d’ mean opposite to the word ‘bury’. Therefore, the option ‘c’ and ‘d’ are correct.

Both ‘disinter’ and dig are opposites of the word ‘bury’ but option d ‘dig’ would be a more appropriate answer as ‘disinter’ refers mostly to digging up dead bodies while the word ‘dig’ is a generic term just like ‘bury’.