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Choose the synonym of the given word:
A) Wild
B) Frantic
C) Filled
D) Threatening

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:The meaning of the word fraught is full of something or full of unpleasant things such as problems and danger.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Option A is an incorrect answer because as wild means someone or something uncontrolled or violent it is mostly used for animals. For example, lions are wild animals.
Option B is an incorrect option as the meaning of word Frantic is out of control. For example, Alex controlled her breathing to keep her frantic emotions from consuming her.
Option C is Filled which is used to describe the full of something. For example, Tears filled her eyes again.
Option D is an incorrect option as the word Threatening is a word used to describe the express danger of something.
Hence the correct answer to the question which has the same meaning to the word FRAUGHT is option C. Filled which has exactly the same meaning as fraught that is to be filled with something.

Note:We also use the word charged for fraught as they both are the synonym. Synonyms are words that have the same meaning as another word. Like Filled and Fraught both have the same meaning that is to be filled with something. But we can have different meanings of Charge or charged at different points of time. For example, at certain periods of time the meaning of charged is changed as duty or custody.