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Choose the option which means the opposite of the given word:
a) Effeminate
b) Canine
c) Sensuous
d) Notorious
e) Inappropriate

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The given word, felicitous, is an adjective which means ‘something that is well-chosen or suited to the circumstances.’ And opposites are the words that have a contrasting meaning to the given word.

Complete answer:
Since we need to find a word which is the opposite or the antonym of the given word to us in the question, we shall proceed with first using the given word in a sentence and then eventually move on to defining each of the given alternatives to find the word with the opposite meaning. So the word ‘felicitous’ in a sentence is used like ‘Because my daughter is such a happy person, Holly is a felicitous name for her.’
Option ‘a’, effeminate is defined as ‘(of a man) having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman or precisely, someone who is unmanly.’
Option b, canine means ‘relating or resembling to dogs’
Option c, sensuous can be understood as ‘relating to or affecting the senses rather than the intellect.’
Option d, notorious, is explained as ‘famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.’
And lastly, option e, inappropriate is defined as ‘something that is not suitable or proper in the circumstances.’
With the above analysis and explanations, we can easily deduce that option e, inappropriate is the correct antonym of the word in the question.

Do not get confused between synonyms and antonyms. While synonyms are the words with a similar meaning or definition, antonyms are the words that have an opposite or contrasting explanation.