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Choose the option which best explains the meaning of the word
a) Beautiful
b) Colorful
c) Excellent
d) Unusual

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: We need to find a word that has a similar meaning to the given word, also known as Synonyms. A synonym refers to a word that is completely or partially the same in meaning as another word. Example- Beautiful is a synonym for pretty.

Complete answer:
"Exotic" refers to something that is of a kind not ordinarily encountered; specially produced. For example, "This species of flower is very exotic."
Now that we know the meaning and the usage of the word given to us in the question, we can comfortably proceed with the individual analysis of all the four alternatives given to us.
Option ‘a’, beautiful, refers to pleasing the senses or mind through beauty (of something). This is different from what is given to us in the question; hence this option is incorrect.
Option b, "Colourful" refers to being full of different colors. This is not similar to what is asked to use in the question; hence this option is incorrect.
Option c, "Excellent" refers to being extremely good; outstanding. This option is also incorrect as the definitions of the two words are different.
And lastly, Option d, "Unusual" refers to something that is not habitually or commonly occurring or done. This is closest to the meaning of the given word; hence this is the correct option.

Some other commonly used synonyms of EXOTIC are: alien, alluring, colorful, glamorous, and peculiar.