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Choose the option that best fills in the blank:
She spoke loudly ____ all might hear.
A. In order that.
B. On condition that.
C. Even if.
D. Provided that.

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Hint:Options given above are compound conjunctions which are used as phrases to connect with clauses or sentences together.

Complete answer:
Option (A) ‘in order that’: is the correct option because ‘in order that’ means ‘for the reason’ which expresses the purpose in the sentence. If this option is used then it means that she spoke loud enough to make sure that everyone present there will hear her.
Option (B) ‘on condition that’: is an incorrect option because ‘on condition that’ expresses a condition in which the action should take place. If this option is used then it will change the meaning to that ‘if all might hear her’ then she will speak else not which will change the original sentence meaning.
Option (C) ‘even if’: is an incorrect option because ‘even if’ expresses speculation which refers to an unreal or imaginary situation that doesn’t fit with the sentence as the action had already occurred.
Option (D) ‘Provided that’: is an incorrect option because ‘provided that’ refers to the condition if fulfilled meaning ‘the provision on something’. The above-mentioned is not on condition-based and if this option is used then the sentence will no longer possess its actual meaning.

Hence, the correct answer is Option ‘ A’.

Note:The above-mentioned shows that she spoke too loudly on purpose so that all present there may hear her what she had said.
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