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Choose the opposite of the underlined word.
The habit of squandering money should not be encouraged.
a) Discarding
b) Saving
c) Donating
d) Stealing

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Hint: The word squandering means to waste something (money, time, energy) recklessly and in a foolish way. Here you need to find the antonym for squandering from the given options.

Complete answer:
Squandering means wasting something by this explanation the opposite would be saving something. Therefore, by this conclusion, the correct solution would be an option (b), i.e. saving.
So the opposite of the underlined word is – saving.
Now, why the other options are wrong?
Let us look into their meaning and understand why they are not correct solution for the above question –
a) Discarding – means to get rid of something or someone as they are no longer useful or are not desirable to the user. For example she has been discarding her old clothes.
b) Saving – is the correct option, it means not to waste things. For example she is saving from her income and not squandering it on useless things.
c) Donating – means giving away something for a good reason or cause. For example I have been donating to a charity working for the betterment of kids.
d) Stealing – means taking away someone’s property (of any kind) without permission. For example, you have been stealing the chocolate.
So, by the above explanation, we can conclude that option (b) is the most suitable solution and antonym for the given word in the question.

 Carefully go through the meaning of the given word the solution resides in the meaning of the word itself. This will help you to eliminate unwanted options.