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Choose the one which is nearest in meaning to –
a) Helper
b) Assistant
c) Inferior
d) Servant

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Hint: The dictionary meaning of the given word ‘acolyte' is ‘a person assisting a priest in a religious service or procession. For example A small group of acolytes.

Complete answer:
The given word is a noun, which means an assistant or a follower assisting the celebrant in a religious service. In many Christian denominations, an acolyte is anyone performing ceremonial duties such as lighting alters candles. Here, we have to find out the synonym, nearest in meaning to the word ‘acolyte’.
Now, let us examine all the given options to find out the correct answer :
Option ‘a' is Helper. It is a noun that means a person who helps someone else. For example, He came out to be a good helper at the end.
Option ‘b’ is the Assistant. It is a noun that means a person who ranks below a senior person. For example The managing director and his assistants.
Option ‘c’ is Inferior. It is an adjective which means lower in rank, status, or quality. For example, He is inferior than others.
Option ‘d’ is Servant. It is a noun which means a person who performs duties for others, and gets paid for it; employed in a domestic household.
As we have analyzed all the given options, we can easily figure out the correct answer. Here, the synonym (nearest in meaning) to the word ‘acolyte’ is ‘assistant’. Hence, option ‘b’ is the correct answer.

All the other options are plausible distractions. Others are mostly paid, or work ina domestic household, unlike ‘assistant'.