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Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of
A. Exonerate
B. Consume
C. Maltreat
D. Engage

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint:Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning to another word. Divide the word into two parts, suffix and prefix. Try to identify the meaning of the word and evaluate whether it has a positive negative or neutral connotation. Deflect means to change direction, turn aside from a straight course.

Complete answer:
The word 'Absolve' means ‘to make someone or somebody free from the verdict, hold accountable (liable, responsible)’. Absolve is also to say to someone formally that they do not have to take the responsibility or authority. For instance: A man's good deeds can absolve him from all his sins.
Option (A) ‘Exonerate’: is the correct option because it means ‘to free or to relieve someone from a responsibility, blame or obligations’ which is the synonym of the word ‘Absolve’.
Option (B) ‘Consume’: is incorrect as it means ‘to eat or to drink something, to completely utilize the resource, to destroy something, or to completely fill one’s mind’. For example: “The forest fire consumed the entire forest” which clearly shows that the meaning of ‘Consume’ is not the same as the meaning of ‘Absolve’.
Option (C) ‘Maltreat’: is incorrect as it means ‘to treat with cruelty or unkindly’. For example: “The animal died from being maltreated by its owner” which is not the same meaning as ‘Absolve’. The words which have the same meaning as ‘Maltreat’ are victimized, torture, molest, harass, etc.
Option D) ‘Engage’: is incorrect as it means ‘to be busy in some work or activity or be actively involved in an activity, to interact or attract someone, or in terms of the military it means to attack the enemy’ which shows no relation with the word ‘Absolve’

Hence, the correct answer is Option ‘ A’.

Note:The word ‘Absolve’ means ‘to free from guilt, punishment or obligation and in terms of the church it means to free from sin’ other synonyms that can be used in place of absolving are release, acquit, exculpate, vindicate, etc.