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Choose the ODD one out from the following terms given and name the CATEGORY to which the other belongs.
Example: Nose, Tongue, Arm, Eye

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:To answer this question, you must recall the roles that the given terms have in the chemistry of our daily life. We need to study all the given terms in order to categorize them.

Complete answer:
Detergents are organic compounds that consist of two types of groups, a polar group and a non- polar group, both attached at the two opposite ends of the molecule. Detergents can be of two types namely phosphate detergents and surfactant detergents. Both of them have a cleansing action and are used for rinsing clothes. All detergents are synthetic in nature and thus, their constituent molecules are non- biodegradable. As a result, they cause water pollution.X- Rays can simply be defined as electromagnetic radiations. They are high frequency and high energy radiations. Both sewage and oil spills are common examples of water pollution.
Thus, the odd one out is X- Rays.
Odd term- X- rays, Category- Water pollutants.

Additional information: Detergents are composed of phosphates which cause algal blooming in any water body that it is released into. Algal blooms cause depletion of oxygen level in the water body as well as block the sunlight from reaching to the organisms present in the water thus posing a serious threat to aquatic life.

X- Rays have a high frequency and thus a shorter wavelength. They carry in straight lines and do not carry electrons with them. X- Rays being electromagnetic radiations can travel in vacuum as well. They are generally used in medical fields to capture the defects in the human skeletal system or in other terms, bones. They are also used to scan baggage of passengers for security purposes.