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Choose the incorrect statement regarding wind power:
A. It is expected to harness wind power to maximum and not minimum in open spaces
B. The source of wind power is the potential energy content of the wind blowing at high altitudes
C. The rotation of the blades is possible when the wind hits them
D. Wind energy is used in running the turbine of an electric generator

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Hint:Wind energy is an eco-friendly means of producing electrical energy.The green and clean form of solar energy which converts kinetic energy of winds to mechanical energy which further converts to electrical energy through generators and turbines.

Complete step by step answer:
The setups for producing wind energy from winds includes: Blades which are rotated by wind due to difference in pressure created by the propellant shape of blades.
Nacelle: The blades are connected to gears, which increases the speed of rotation.They are connected between generators and blades.

Tower: Blades and nacelle are mounted at the top of the tower, as the source of wind power is the potential energy content of the wind which blows at high altitudes.Windmills are installed in open space for more productivity as more towers can be installed to produce more energy. When winds hit the blades they start rotating due to rotation. The turbines of generators also rotate thus producing electricity.

Hence, the incorrect statement regarding wind power is option A and rest all options are true with respect to wind energy production.

Note:A major problem with wind energy production is the installation of plant cost which is so expensive. The production depends on the speed of wind if it is low the production decreases. Efficiency is very low and if cannot be installed in a dense populated area because of noise it creates.
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