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Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence.
He ____ a huge treasure during his travels in the East.
A. Came into
B. Came to
C. Came for
D. Came by

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Use appropriate phrasal verbs, formed with a preposition or adverb and a verb which form a different meaning from its literal.

Complete answer:
Option (A) ‘Came into’: is an incorrect option because it means ‘to inherit’ which is not acceptable here as according to the sentence the person did not inherit the treasure instead he found it or got it during his travels.
Option (B) ‘Came to’: is an incorrect option because it means ‘to reach or recover consciousness’, which is inappropriate to use in the mentioned. If this option is used then it will not fit with the sentence as it’s about getting treasure not getting the consciousness.
Option (C) ‘Came for’: is an incorrect option because it means ‘to target something/someone’ and the above-mentioned is not about targeting anything also it means to come for some purpose but there’s nothing mentioned about the purpose of treasure according to the sentence it just happened that he got that treasure.
Option (D) ‘Came by’: is the correct option because it means ‘to get or obtain’ and the meaning matches the sentence which explains the same as it is.

Hence, the correct answer is Option ‘ D’.

Note: As the above-mentioned is about a man who had travelled in the East while he was doing so he found some treasure, a point to remember that he travelled not to find the treasure nor his family had one in the east so there’s no inheritance of treasure as well as no purpose to find so.